Dr. Grace Couchman @ Carolina Conceptions

Carolina Conceptions has been historically committed to providing members of the gay and lesbian community an opportunity to build their families. Not unlike many other couples, a third party is often needed to meet that goal. We offer a comprehensive service for LGBT individuals or couples including: donor egg, donor sperm, egg sharing, and gestational carriers. We have, over the past 9 years, helped many gay and lesbian couples start or complete their families.

The choice to start a family and where to do that is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make. From your first consultation to your pregnancy test and obstetrical ultrasound, we try to make your experience at Carolina Conceptions a pleasant and successful one!

Gay Couples:

There are many options to consider in starting a family together. These include but are not limited to: using an egg donor (known or anonymous) and sperm from one or both male partners, using one of our gestational carriers at Carolina Conceptions or a carrier known to the couple, anonymous embryo donation or traditional adoption. We have a large number of available egg donors and also work with a frozen donor egg bank (DEB). Our gestational carriers have all had prior successful births and are often open to carrying one baby or twins.

Lesbian Couples:

There are a number of options and choices involved in starting a family. One partner may prefer to carry the baby, and if she also wants to use her eggs, donor sperm can be purchased for IUI (intrauterine insemination). Reciprocal IVF is a popular choice for lesbian couples because it allows both partners to be involved in conception. One partner can undergo an egg retrieval and have the eggs fertilized with donor sperm. One or two embryos can later be transferred into the other partner’s uterus. Or, if neither partner has adequate eggs, then an egg donor or donated embryos can be used.

Cost is often a huge factor in making the choice to have children. All couples face the fact that reproduction requiring a third party can be quite expensive. We work with a medical loan group, CapEx MD, and offer money back guarantee programs. We want to work through all of your choices to help you make the choice that’s best for you.


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