Listen to Dr. Meyer’s webcast on IBD & Fertility if you didn’t get to hear it live last month. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Fertility

Presented by Dr. William Meyer of Carolina Conceptions

Dr. Meyer will answer important questions related to IBD, fertility and pregnancy such as:

  • I have IBD. Will I automatically have trouble conceiving?
  • I have IBD and am having trouble getting pregnant. When should we consult a fertility specialist?
  • Once I get pregnant, how will my IBD affect my pregnancy and delivery?
  • What IBD management medications are safe for conception/pregnancy?
  • How does female IBD affect delivery?
  • How does parental IBD impact our baby?

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For more information please contact Mary Esna-Ashari, Director of Education and Support, at the CCFA at or 404-982-0616.