Dr. William Ferro @ www.weighbetr.com

PCOS is steadily rising and is caused when dysfunctional follicles fail to release an ovum (egg). A woman is born with over five hundred thousand follicles containing these eggs. When the egg fails to release, a cyst forms and simultaneously sets off a cascade of disruptive hormonal imbalances. These imbalances cause menstrual abnormalities, facial hair, baldness, acne, and often obesity. This creates a higher incidence of insulin resistance, Type II diabetes, unfavorable lipid patterns, high triglycerides, and a low bone density. Although the exact etiology is unknown, certain studies reveal it’s possible the disruption of these follicles could be attributing to the increased exposure to xenobiotics (chemicals) during embryo development and further compromised by poor dieting.

Stress and poor diet will further aggravate this syndrome. Stress on it’s own can cause non-ovulatory cycles while poor dieting with PCOS can cause an unhealthy rise in insulin levels. Insulin stimulates androgen receptors on the ovary, increasing PCOS symptoms of excess hair or thinning hair, and acne. A poor diet will also cause obesity, creating a resistance to insulin, therefore directly linking to the increase of PCOS.

Since diet is the highest agitator of PCOS it can also provide the most therapeutic benefit. Transitioning into a healthy diet is not easy for most because the typical approach is set up for failure. “Eating less” and “moving more” is not only hard, but is all together the wrong approach. Emotional defeat also makes achieving healthy goals nearly impossible. Everywhere we turn we here phrases like “just do it” and “it’s all about will power.”  This outdated mindset consistently doesn’t work and contributes to people seeking out fads such as fitness shakes and point systems. Although PCOS presents a greater obstacle, treatment for it is possible if you use the right formula and understand what your physiological barriers and stressors are.

The PCOS condition causes metabolic imbalances that make proper nourishment somewhat tricky.  The body doesn’t need punishing workouts; it needs specific nourishing support so the organs, cells, and tissues can regain balance.

Mental, physical and chemical stressors in our lives in addition to PCOS create elevated levels of cortisol.  When cortisol levels reach a certain point, cravings and poor digestion patterns begin to take place in the body. It’s impossible to be good at anything when you’re tired, depressed, and you’re physiologically craving everything and anything.

PCOS patients aren’t motivated because they’re worn out from their relentless symptoms. Also, in many cases, PCOS patients are trying to increase their fertility to better their chances of starting or adding to their families. This is not a question of will power or motivation, but rather a quest for something that works.

Betr is exactly that; a program expertly designed to fit into the way you live.  Everyone is different as far as what he or she needs nutritionally, and what their health concerns are.  Therefore, we have developed a program that caters to individuality and we teach you how to achieve maximum wellness by building around each person’s specific health requirements.  Upon filling out our online health form, a wellness coach provides a short phone consultation.

Our solution lies within creating individualized protocol that nourishes the body and it’s organs in the best way possible, which is why we have been able to help so many patients struggling with PCOS. Betr is designed to offer a lifestyle that allows anyone, including PCOS victims, to live to their full potential.