Because there is NO law inJennifer_Tharrington_2015-process-sc460x575-q100-t1439413429 NC regarding Gestational Carrier arrangements, a contract is essential to protect both parties and to provide guidance for a judge in the event of a future legal disagreement.

Jennifer Tharrington, Esq., of Haas & Associates, has prepared a follow up video regarding the Legal Aspects of Gestational Carriers. In this presentation, Ms. Tharrington explains the physical & mental traits Intended Parents should look for when selecting a Gestational Carrier, along with what goes into a Gestational Carrier Agreement, including:

  • Parental rights & responsibilities of intended parents and lack of parental rights & responsibilities for Gestational Carrier


  • How embryos will be created, how many transferred, how many embryo transfer attempts will be made prior to both parties terminating the contract


  • Conduct expectations of Gestational Carrier (medical, dietary, travel etc.)


  • Location and conditions of the delivery


  • Viewpoints of both parties on abortion/reduction decisions, what happens in the event of divorce or death, medical decision making authority


  • Base compensation amount for the carrier (typically between $22,000-$44,000 in NC), and stipend reimbursements for additional pre-birth and/or birth expenses


If you are considering consulting with a reproductive law attorney, call Jennifer Tharrington at (919) 783-9669 for more information.



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