“Recently, a technique of separating male and female sperm was not approved by the FDA,” shared Dr. Bill Meyer of Carolina Conceptions.  “Less scientific folk remedies (to ensure sex selection) were mentioned in today’s Wall Street Journal.  As expected, they failed to predict gender and proved harmful, even fatal, to some pregnancies.”

Women in cultures like India can feel great pressure to bring sons into their families.  As WSJ author Suryatapa Bhattacharya’s notes in her article, “Women typically turn to unlicensed medial practitioners for drugs meant to ensure they give birth to a son,” and begin taking the folk remedies “AFTER conception, when the sex of the child is already set.”

Carolina Conceptions performs Preimplantaion Genetic Screening (PGS) to confirm a normal chromosomal make up of non sex (autosomes) and sex chromosomes. PGS can be used to rule out sex linked disorders, and may in some cases be used for family balancing. Embryo biopsy for both PGS and PGD testing is completed on site at Carolina Conceptions.



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