Jennifer-Tharrington2Jennifer Tharrington, Esq., of Haas & Associates, has prepared a video regarding the Legal Aspects of Building LGBT Families. In this presentation, Ms. Tharrington explains the way North Carolina law interprets parental rights. She reviews how to get both same sex parents’ names on their child’s birth certificate.

Most people would assume having both parents’ names on their child’s birth certificate is the only requirement to be legally seen as a child’s parents. In the case of same sex marriages or unmarried same sex couples, a Step Parent Adoption is even more important than the birth certificate, and is required for the same sex parent sharing no DNA with his/her child to be recognized by NC law as the child’s legal parent.

If you and your partner are considering building your family through Assisted Reproductive Technology, be sure to consult with a reproductive law attorney to understand and protect your parental rights. Call Jennifer Tharrington at (919) 783-9669 for more information.


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