Bill2“After repeated IVF implantation failures, the physicians at Carolina Conceptions may consider hysteroscopy and concomitant scratching. This article lends support for the treatment,” explained CC’s Dr. Bill Meyer. 

Endometrial scratching causes an “injury” associated with increased pregnancy rates in IVF patients (“especially those with recurrent implantation failure”). In the August 2016 issue of “Ob.Gyn.News,”  Sarah Lensen, PhD candidate at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, reported “Scratching of the endometrium to create a ‘favorable inflammation,’ MAY improve the likelihood of embryo implantation (with an ongoing pregnancy or live birth) from 9% to as much as 14%-28%.”

Lensen’s study did not associate endometrial scratching with miscarriage, tubal, or multiple pregnancies.

To read the complete article by Sharon Worcester, please click here.


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