Dr. Bill Meyer of Carolina Conceptions shares this article with IBD patients about reproductive technologies being less likely to work in women with ulcerative colitis. “This is more evidence to suggest that inflammatory bowel disease may impact the ability of a woman to conceive, especially when she is not in remission. For more information, consider listening to my webcast on IBD & Infertility.


Art Less Likely to Work in Women with Ulcerative Colitis

In the August 2016 issue of “Ob.Gyn.News,” findings from Denmark were reported on a 20-year study regarding the impact of ulcerative colitis (UC) on patients who pursue fertility treatments (ART- Artificial Reproductive Technologies). The study concluded the following:

  • Women with UC should attempt remission prior to beginning fertility treatment
  • UC surgeries prior to fertility treatment did not diminish success (because surgeries for UC are typically more “curative” than those completed for Crohn’s patients)
  • Women with UC should begin fertility treatments sooner because live birth rates for IVF embryo transfers in women with UC were found to be ~22% lower than success rates within the general population.
  • Risk of preterm birth is higher (at least for twins)
  • UC did not increase risk for low birth weight or birth defects

To read the complete article by M.Alexander Otto, please click here.


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