Dr. Bill Meyer of Carolina Conceptions wants patients to know about this study so they are not overly concerned with short resting times after insemination for IUI.

“As with embryo transfer in IVF, we are finding that reclining for extended periods of time may actually be detrimental rather than facilitory,” explained Dr. Meyer.

In the August 2016 issue of “Ob.Gyn.News,” Dr. van Rijswjk of Helsinki, Finland concluded her findings in a recent study about bed rest after IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment: “Immobilization (5-15 minutes of bed rest, knees elevated) after IUI, has no positive effect on pregnancy rates, and was actually associated with a slight reduction in pregnancy rates,” making medical recommendations of bed rest to IUI patients “obsolete.”

Dr. van Rijswjk connected findings from a previous IUI study to her own as a possible reason why bed rest is not necessary for the IUI patient: “sperm cells reach the fallopian tubes within 5 minutes after vaginal insemination, and can survive for several days in the womb.”

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