Dr. Bill Meyer, of Carolina Conceptions, speaks about the importance of breast cancer patients freezing their eggs BEFORE beginning chemo or radiation therapy.

  • We will work cancer patients into our schedule on the SAME DAY  if possible. Please call our Physician/Emergency Phone number (919) 782-5911 x123.
  • Cancer preservation in women will take two weeks from the initial appointment. It does not matter where a woman is in her cycle. We can safely begin medications immediately to stimulate the ovaries (process takes about 10 days). The egg retrieval follows approximately two days later.
  • If you are in a committed relationship, we do recommend freezing embryos rather than eggs because the chances of pregnancy are so much higher from frozen embryos over frozen eggs. A woman often needs 5-8 eggs to create one healthy embryo. Women >35 often need more.
  • Success rates are best if women choosing to freeze their eggs do so prior to age 35 because the quality of eggs declines as women age.
  • For Patients with ER+ Breast Cancer, we use an aromatase inhibitor during ovarian stimulation to minimize estradiol production.  The aromatase inhibitor is stopped briefly near the time of egg harvesting, but we have the patients resume the medication for a week after the egg retrieval.
  • Discounts are provided to cancer patients on all of our services. Egg freeze cycle medications can be very expensive- we have pharmaceutical partnerships who often donate these meds or provide them to cancer patients for FREE.