If you were watching ABC News earlier this week, you may have seen a story about a couple who experienced 4 failed IVF cycles. When they tried a new physician who administered an Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA) test, they had twins.

The ERA is a personalized genetic test to diagnose the state of endometrial receptivity in the window of implantation. The goal of this evaluation is to get a better understanding as to when the female’s body is most receptive to embryo implantation so her embryo transfer is optimally timed to encourage pregnancy.

This test is not for everyone and should not be considered a cure-all for those couples who have not found success with IVF.  However, we do want our patients to know, the ERA test can be completed at CC and we are starting to use it more often.  “Some patients have a non-receptive uterine lining which can be adjusted by changing their medication protocol,” shared Dr. John Park.  Ask your CC physician if this sounds like an appropriate analysis for you.


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