Infertility can be so stressful on individuals and couples trying to build a family. Sometimes we know when something might trigger negative emotions during our journey to parenthood, other times- emotions can surge out of no where at a terrible time, leaving us feeling alone. Now there’s a FREE app to help you cope with whatever situation you are facing- in the moment.


The app was developed with the help of two of the world’s leading psychological experts on the subject of infertility and emotional stress, Dr. Alice Domar and Dr. Elizabeth Grill.


“FertiCalm addresses 50 common and distressing situations which individuals struggling to conceive encounter, and a variety of custom made solutions for each one. For each situation you might face (such as getting your period at work for example), you can click on six different ways to help you feel better. In the moment. As in, right then when you are experiencing the distress.”


Learn more about the “FertiCalm” app here, or download from the app store to start find the coping strategy you need right now.


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