Women’s Wellness Massage Client Q&A for National Infertility Awareness Week

By: Ashley Talarico, LMBT NC License # 09747

Women’s Wellness Massage is an in-home studio located in the Brier Creek neighborhood of North Raleigh, specializing in Fertility Massage. As an owner/operator, my passion is to help women who are trying to consciously conceive and guide clients through the stages of a healthy pregnancy, with the assistance of massage therapy.

You are not alone. There are many women struggling with infertility challenges who are unaware of the benefits that massage therapy can offer. My goal is always to provide women with specialized therapeutic treatments in a relaxing environment that will help improve their overall well-being and chances of conception. I strongly believe in my holistic approach to complement traditional fertility treatment, and feel it is very important to continue spreading this information to women in need.

Women’s Wellness Massage wants to be your place of comfort and relaxation leading up to conception and throughout your future pregnancies. I hope this information will encourage anyone struggling with infertility to reach out. The initial phone consultation is always complementary. If you have any questions on how Fertility Massage can help you, please call me at (201) 258-0505 or email me. You can also find more information on my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, Women’s Wellness Massage is pleased to offer a

10% New Client Discount

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Fertility Massage Client Q&A

These answers are word-for-word responses provided by actual clients of Women’s Wellness Massage. Their names have been omitted in order to respect their privacy. These stories are very similar to many other fertility clients seen at Women’s Wellness Massage.

Q: As a Fertility Massage client of Women’s Wellness Massage, what are the greatest benefits that you feel you have received from your treatments?

A 1: Getting the positive pregnancy test was our goal and I think the fertility massage was a big part of that. I knew I had a tilted uterus and despite doctor’s comments that it didn’t make a difference, I believe it did. We had been trying to get pregnant for one year on our own, got pregnant but had an early miscarriage. Then we began medicated cycles while trying on our own with no luck. This was our first IUI and I had the fertility massage beforehand. 

 A 2: This is so hard to answer because there is so much. Ashley has helped me understand my body better. She has helped me heal, she has helped me understand how to better take care of my fertility health as well as my overall well-being. More than any of that, she has provided a safe environment to just let it all go. You can come to a service and talk at length about where you are at in your journey and you can just be present in a way that folks outside of the fertility world may not be able to support in the same way. Ashley is truly a healthcare partner to her clients.

 Q: Can you describe what your first Fertility Massage session was like?

A 1: The session was quite relaxing. It was so nice to spend time just doing something for myself. I like to workout and ride horses, which is good “me” time, but this is a different sort of treat. The stress of trying to get pregnant combined with dealing with a parent with illness was exhausting. I needed something to bring focus and clarity back and the massage did that.

 A 2: My first sessions with Ashley were all about her understanding my fertility journey. She spent time just getting to know every detail of my history. When I would try and gloss over something she would pick up on it and ask tailored, yet considerate questions. She then builds a plan for you and your treatment with you for that session. What I truly appreciate is often fertility practitioners just “go to work” on you – Ashley makes sure she is tailoring your session to you and she explains why she is going to do what she is going to do. That was such an important connection point for me. That understanding allowed me to relax into the session and to feel that I was doing something to help support my body through the cycle.

 Q: How would you describe the Women’s Wellness Massage studio environment?

A 1: The studio was relaxing and quiet. It was exactly what I expected it to be.

 A 2: I look forward to every session. The environment is a total escape without any of the silly frills of a formal spa. It is inviting, comfortable and so very relaxing.

Q: How would you describe Ashley’s knowledge and professionalism?

A 1: Ashley is quite competent in her massage skills and client relations. She is easy to communicate with and provided exactly what was needed. I was able to fully relax during the session because of the perfect combination of environment, being comfortable with her, and trust I placed in her abilities.

 A 2: Ashley’s knowledge and professionalism are what make me a loyal client of hers. Her customer service is completely unmatched. She really knows her stuff when it comes to fertility. More importantly, she listens to her clients and tailors each session to where you are at in your cycle, how your body is doing and how your emotions are doing. She is all encompassing in her approach to individualize to each client. Every one of my sessions has been different because every one of my cycles has been different. She is also so considerate, my fertility journey has been hard and I have gone through several losses Ashley has supported me through each step. She has followed up, checked in on me and encouraged me to take care of my body and well-being in a way that other professionals have not. She truly cares about her clients, she is invested in our success and supporting us in our journeys and it shows through her compassion and her dedication to her clients. I just cannot say enough good things about how she runs her business, the services she offers or how valuable her services and support has been to me.

 Q: How did your treatment at Women’s Wellness Massage contribute to your overall fertility goals?

A 1: I am now 11 weeks pregnant and we attribute that to the fertility massage. I also followed Ashley’s suggestion to use castor oil packs. I think setting time aside for the massage was a good decision and one I would recommend to friends, even if fertility is not an issue.

 A 2: While I am still in the thick of my fertility efforts I can say that I have seen direct results from my treatments at Women’s Wellness. There were several cycles where I had stalled follicle growth while on injections, I would go to Ashley and at my next ultrasound there would be significant improvement. Of course there is no way to prove direct correlation but this happened more than once! She wakes up those lazy ovaries! I can also say that when you are going through treatment there is a sense of helplessness. You do the injections or take the meds and maybe you control your diet and do supplements and acupuncture but really you just hope your body responds the way that it should. Doing treatments at Women’s Wellness made me feel like I was doing something to directly support my body through a fertility cycle. On top of all of that, it is a place to just let all that stress of dealing with infertility go! 


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