FertilityIQ recently posted an article noting embryo transfer success rates can vary within a practice among physicians and embryologists.

This begs the question- how are the success rates of our physicians and embryologists at Carolina Conceptions? With all patients have on their minds during an IVF cycle, let us offer some peace of mind. “Who performs your embryo transfer at CC is not something our IVF patients need to be concerned about,” shared Dr. Bill Meyer.

“Carolina Conceptions reviews their pregnancy rates per doctor per embryo transfer with their embryologists on a regular basis. If one of the doctor’s pregnancy rates drop, their technique is scrutinized in an attempt to discern why. Most often it is based on patient demographics (BMI, AMH level, age) rather than techniques as our physicians follow the same protocol for transfer: abdominal ultrasound, irrigating the cervix to remove mucus and lower the bacterial count, positioning the end of the inner catheter a couple of cm from the top of the uterus, and removing it slowly by withdrawing it into the outer catheter.

Our embryologists pride themselves on suspending the embryos in a minimal amount of culture medium. They too compare their success rates among themselves. If one of them deviates off the norm, their technique is reviewed under direct visualization. This ensures uniformity among the physicians and embryologists at Carolina Conceptions,” explained Dr. Meyer.