Recently, FertilityIQ published an article highlighting the results of a recent European study intended to determine the effectiveness of Clomid vs. Femara in women with PCOS. Femara scored pregnancy rates of 61% and live birth rates of 49.3% vs. Clomid’s pregnancy rates of 43% and live birth rate of 35.1%. In addition, women “got pregnant on Femara faster than they did on Clomid (with median cycles of 4 cycles on Femara vs. 6 cycles on Clomid before pregnancy).”


Dr. John Park confirmed Carolina Conceptions has preferentially been using Letrozole (generic for Femara) over Clomid for ovulation induction for years. “In 2014, the Reproductive Medicine Network published a large, randomized trial comparing Letrozole vs. Clomid in women with PCOS.  There were 750 PCOS women who were randomly assigned Letrozole or Clomid for 5 cycles of treatment.  Letrozole had a significantly higher ovulation rate and live birth rate compared to Clomid.” (Legro et al, 2014, New England Journal of Medicine)


“The data from 2014 provided strong evidence for us to use Letrozole over Clomid,” continued Dr. Park. “The results of this recent study further support our medication preference for CC patients.”


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