Former UberHealth and 23AndMe execs, Carly Leahy and Afton Vechery have launched a new startup offering a $149 at-home fertility test kit for women. Our very own Dr. Bill Meyer calls the new test “intriguing.”

The tests are available from Modern Fertility for pre-order and will ship later this year via discreet packaging. A “finger-prick blood sample” will be reviewed by physicians who will check 10 fertility hormones including ovarian reserve (how many eggs a woman has left). Test results will be provided with a “fertility score” to let each woman know “how many fertile years she has ahead of her.” Co-founder, Carly Leahy says “Fertility is so personal, it should be something you check in on every year.” Her hope is this testing will help women understand their fertile years before it’s too late to freeze their eggs.

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