September is PCOS Awareness month. Did you know 1 in 10 women have this medical condition? It can affect so many different areas of life, and is one of the most common causes of infertility treated in our office. Learn more about PCOS from our very own Dr. Park.

If you are struggling to get pregnant and know you have PCOS, our physicians are extremely familiar with this condition and how to help PCOS fighters get pregnant. Yes, it CAN happen! Many of our PCOS patients use the supplement Ovasitol from Theralogix. Others try to control PCOS symptoms outside of (or in addition to) medications like metformin by using food as medicine (think low carb diets like south beach, keto, paleo). There are a number of great sources out there to help you understand what can help your body heal. Here are a few local suggestions to consider- all have worked with many of our PCOS patients:

  • Katy Harris of WellLife Wellness, Inc. (Dr. Couchman’s former trainer)


Check out the PCOS Awareness website for symptoms you may be experiencing that you didn’t even know were connected with PCOS.

Follow Kym Campbell of Smart Fertility Choices on social media for some great tips and humor (always helpful!) for managing diet and life with PCOS and infertility.