Carolina Conceptions is one of three infertility centers in the country that has been chosen to evaluate EVIE, a slow release sperm insemination device. Early studies show a doubling in pregnancy rates over conventional IUI.

Currently we are enrolling up to 40 patients who must meet strict guidelines to be enrolled in this pilot study. Women need to have a BMI <30, be less than 35 years of age, have never done insemination before, have a partner with a normal semen analysis, or are using donor sperm. Patients will pay for a regular insemination and be consented and instructed on use of the portable device that delivers sperm into the uterus over a four-hour duration. For more information on EVIE visit their website at To see if you qualify please call (919) 782-5911 option 3 to make an appointment with one of our four infertility specialists.

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