Theralogix Clinical Update – Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) improves oocyte and embryo quality in women with poor ovarian reserve

A randomized controlled trial found that CoQ10 supplementation improves ovarian response, oocyte and embryo quality in young women with poor ovarian reserve.

186 women less than 35 years old with poor ovarian reserve were randomized to either 600 mg of standard oil-based CoQ10 (200 mg tid) or control (no treatment) for 60 days prior to IVF. Poor ovarian reserve was defined according to the ESHRE Bologna criteria.

The primary outcome measure was the number of high quality day 3 embryos. Secondary outcomes included various ovarian response, embryological, and clinical parameters.

CoQ10 supplementation resulted in:

  • Significantly higher median number of high quality day 3 embryos.
  • Significantly lower gonadotrophin requirements.
  • Significantly higher peak E2 levels.
  • Significantly higher median number of retrieved oocytes.
  • Significantly higher median number of fertilized oocytes.
  • Significantly higher fertilization rate.
  • Fewer cancelled cases due to suboptimal ovarian response (5.23% vs. 10.75%, did not reach statistical significance).
  • Significantly fewer cancelled embryo transfers due to poor embryo development (8.33% vs. 22.89%).
  • Higher clinical pregnancy rates (31.58% vs. 17.20%) and live birth rates (28.95% vs. 15.54%) per embryo transfer and per one complete cycle, and lower miscarriage rate (8.67% vs. 12.5%). These clinical outcomes did not reach statistical significance due to small sample size.

There were no adverse reactions or side effects in the CoQ10 group.

TheraNatal OvaVite is a preconception prenatal tablet paired with two NeoQ10 softgels. NeoQ10 contains 125 mg of CoQ10 along with VESIsorb colloidal delivery system, which improves CoQ10 absorption and bioavailability by 300-600%. This means that each NeoQ10 softgel provides an “absorbed dose” equivalent to 375-750 mg from standard oil-based CoQ10 supplements.

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