Recently, two IVF clinics have been in the news related to lab issues that lead to the potential loss of frozen embryos and frozen eggs which were being stored at these facilities. This type of event is very rare, and two events happening (in Ohio and later in California) within a few weeks of each other got everyone’s attention.  At Carolina Conceptions, we want to reassure our patients about protocols in place to prevent this type of failure from occurring at our IVF center. Our team of embryologists routinely perform cross checks and quality control measures to ensure that our equipment is functioning properly. We perform daily checks on the incubators where embryos are growing, to the cryo tanks where embryos, eggs, and sperm are stored long-term. Back-up generators are routinely tested to ensure continued function in the event of a power outage. When it comes to such precious material being held at our center, we want to assure our patients that nothing is more important to us than the safety and care of our patients and their embryos!