Both patients and their physicians know that a twin pregnancy is a potential outcome when it comes to fertility treatments. As REI physicians, we always counsel patients on the medical risks of multiples for both mother and babies. Twin pregnancies are at risk for premature birth, and related problems such as cerebral palsy, and potentially life-long learning and developmental delays related to being born early. Mothers are at a high risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and C-sections.

This article brings to light something not often discussed when it comes to twins, and that is the emotional toll of twins.  Up to 50% of women with twin pregnancies experience some degree of clinical anxiety/depression after the birth of their twins. Our field is actively trying to lower the chance of twins through single embryo transfers in IVF cycles. At Carolina Conceptions, our goal for each patient is a single, healthy pregnancy, which is best for both mother and babies.

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