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What are the benefits of yoga for fertility? Yoga increases circulation to the reproductive system, supports a healthy immune system, reduces stress and helps maintain or achieve a healthy weight to name a few. This website gives you several poses that you can try in your own home that are specifically related to helping with infertility.

Partner yoga is great to practice together because it allows couples to be physical in a nonsexual way since sex often becomes emotionally linked with failure after unsuccessful cycles. Reaping the benefits of yoga with your partner is rewarding and fun for both partners! This website gives you a variety of poses to try together if you’re not quite ready to take a class at a local studio.


Prenatal yoga is offered in several locations in the triangle so you can continue your yoga practice into your pregnancy. To sweeten the deal there are even baby and me type yoga classes offered in the triangle so you can enjoy yoga with your little one after delivery!

There are several great online resources for practicing yoga in your own home if you don’t feel comfortable going to a studio. Some of my favorite instructors offer classes on YogaGlo, so that is the website that I use for my home practice. Your first 15 days are free so why not try it out? If you like it a membership is only $18 per month for unlimited classes! This is not a sponsored ad, I truly believe with YogaGlo you’re getting high quality classes for a low price.

When venturing out to a yoga studio I would recommend reading the class description and finding something that sparks your interest. There are many diverse styles of yoga so try different styles and instructors to find what you like the most! I never thought I would like hot yoga and now I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher who teaches vinyasa hot yoga and ACROVINYASA, which is a form of partner yoga. Try something out of your norm, you might surprise yourself with what you like and what you can do!


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