Terry Hunter, RN @ Carolina Conceptions

Can I exercise during fertility treatments?
The answer is individualized depending on how much you exercised prior to treatment, the level of intensity, and the types of workouts you engaged in.

If you currently exercise 5-7 days a week, you may want to scale that back to 3-4 times per week. Exercise should last no more than 30-60 minutes. We do not recommend running, jumping, or high intensity workouts during your treatment cycle, especially if you are doing IVF.

Workouts that include walking, gentle yoga, swimming, and low intensity biking are fine. If you are already participating in weight lifting or cross training you can continue, but the intensity should decrease.

If you do not exercise regularly, you can begin slowly by walking approximately 15-30 minutes, 3 days a week.

IVF patients should avoid excessive exercise after their embryo transfer and until their pregnancy test.

Can I exercise once I have tested positive for pregnancy?
If you were previously exercising, you can resume your regular fitness routine.

If you are spotting, you should discontinue exercising until the spotting stops.

As the pregnancy continues, your joints will loosen and you may have to modify your fitness routine. Consult with your OB.

Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and staying adequately hydrated.

It is important to maintain a healthy balance of physical activity; it can reduce stress, body weight, and encourages a healthy diet.

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