This week is National Infertility Awareness week. This week millions of people unite to help bring awareness and remove the stigma of infertility. We hope you feel encouraged and connected with so many this week.  As we help to spread awareness, we think it’s important to bring to the spotlight that in many places, coverage for infertility is poor. Time Magazine has written an article this week titled “Data Show More Women Are Freezing Their Eggs During the Pandemic, Defying Doctors’ Expectations”. The article follows one woman’s story on how she decided to freeze her eggs.

“But clinics across the country are reporting an uptick in women freezing their eggs during the pandemic. Though no organization in the U.S. collects national data, 54 clinics across major American cities including Denver, Atlanta and Seattle told TIME that the number of women freezing their eggs has increased year-over-year—an impressive stat considering most of those clinics were forced to shut down and suspend fertility treatments in the early months of the pandemic.”

We share this article in hopes it can help bring light to some of these difficulties and hope the more attention we can bring, the more it can help change things for the future. To read more go to this Time Magazine link.

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