This is the unexplained infertility challenge she gave Dr. Bill Meyer before IVF

A year after Jagruti and her husband, Jared, got married in 2014, they started trying to get pregnant. It wasn’t working after a year, and so began their professional efforts:

When Jagruti said she wanted to try somewhere else, that clinic recommended she see Dr. Bill Meyer at Carolina Conceptions. And she did.



Playful pressure on the fertility doctor to get pregnant

In their first meeting, Jagruti immediately felt a connection with Dr. Meyer, and was ready to move forward. Very ready. In that first consultation (before COVID-19) she literally handed him her checkbook and said, “Here’s my checkbook. You do whatever you need to do, but I know you will make me a mother.”

“That’s a lot of pressure on me, Jagruti,” Dr. Meyer replied. He gave her back the checkbook and accepted her challenge. She appreciated that he never talked over her head, though it was obvious to her that he was a very smart man. “It just felt like home there,” she says.

Dr. Meyer calls for a change up in the next IVF protocol

Jagruti was 34 at the time. During fertility testing nothing showed up to be wrong with Jagruti’s reproductive system nor her husband’s. That brought a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, which means that normal testing and the doctor’s insight and evaluation did not reveal a cause.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a cause, or that treatment won’t succeed. She says it was hard not knowing a cause, but the staff helped her get through her unexplained infertility challenge. To hedge her bet, so to speak, she did utilize Carolina Conceptions’ IVF refund program. The first IVF attempt resulted in only one egg and no pregnancy. “I wasn’t devastated,” says Jagruti.

For the second IVF attempt, Dr. Meyer said he was going to change things and go with a flare-up protocol. This is a timed microdose of Lupron to assist in stimulating the ovaries to produce enough follicles and eggs to be successful with IVF. “It is a little more aggressive, but he thought my body would respond favorably,” she recalls. That time they got three eggs, triple the first amount.

The “sign” that she would get pregnant this time

These three eggs resulted in two embryos. Before her fresh embryo transfer, Jagruti was looking for a sign that it would work. Dr. Meaghan Bowling was going to do the embryo transfer, and when Jagruti showed up for the transfer, she saw her sign: Dr. Bowling was pregnant.

“I just started to cry. I said ‘You’re pregnant – and that is my sign that this will work.’ That was the transfer when I got pregnant,” says Jagruti.

Before she actually knew that, she took a home pregnancy test at 3:35 in the morning. It was positive, so she emailed Dr. Meyer with the news! “At 6:28 a.m., he emailed back congratulating me,” says Jagruti.

“The responsiveness in communications with Carolina Conceptions was amazing. From the beginning to the end, every doctor there was wonderful,” she adds. “There was a connection with the staff we didn’t have anywhere else.”

Jagruti & Jared’s son, Jett, was born on August 22. He is almost 3 years old now. Jagruti, Jared and Jett are pictured with Dr. Meyer at the top of the page.

Her advice to others on unexplained infertility challenges & fertility treatment

“The #1 thing I would tell others is, Don’t give up!” Her second piece of advice is, You are not alone. She realizes that may sound cliché to others, but it is still true.

She vividly remembers before getting pregnant sitting in the waiting room and seeing one couple leaving with a sonogram image of their baby. “I told myself, one day that will be me,” Jagruti says, holding back tears at the memory and how it turned out to be true.

She and Jared are determined to have a second child, though she’s had four miscarriages including an ectopic pregnancy since Jett’s birth. They are working with Dr. Meyer again and they’ve discovered she has an abnormal chromosome contributing to the miscarriages.

“I told him to be honest with me and tell me if I should give up,” says Jagruti, who is now 39. “He said he would be honest with me as if I were his daughter. I won’t give up, and Carolina Conceptions is why.”

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