It can often take more than one IVF cycle for a patient to become pregnant and have a child. We understand patients are concerned about the cost of multiple treatment cycles and the uncertainty of their outcome.  Too often, when faced with the high cost of IVF, and limited, or no insurance coverage, patients abandon treatment after just one cycle. Carolina Conceptions offers an IVF Refund Plan to patients who meet certain medical criteria* as an alternative to the traditional payment method for medical services associated with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and IVF cycles using donor eggs.


Our IVF Refund Plan is intended to help remove the financial barriers that prevent so many from building a family with IVF treatment. For a fixed, discounted fee paid to Carolina Conceptions, patients are allowed up to 3 stimulated IVF cycles, and all associated frozen-embryo transfer (FET) cycles in order to achieve one (1) successful pregnancy, which ends with the patient taking a baby home from the hospital. If the patient does not take a baby home from the hospital, 75% of the program fee will be refunded. Please call one of our financial coordinators to obtain a personal estimate.


*Patients using their own eggs must be <38 years old, have a normal uterus, and pass a medical screening.  Patients using donated eggs must have a normal uterus, pass medical screening, have a BMI <35, and be <49 years old. Patients interested in this program must be medically approved by all four physicians at Carolina Conceptions.