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Jennifer_Tharrington_2015-process-sc460x575-q100-t1439413429Take a few minutes to watch this very informative YouTube video from Jennifer Tharrington, Esq., of Haas & Associates. In this video, Jennifer explains the legal aspects of surrogacy and addresses many frequently asked questions of fertility patients just starting to think about what it means to use a gestational carrier to build their family, including:

-The difference between “Gestational Surrogacy” and “Traditional Surrogacy”

-The status of  North Carolina law regarding assisted reproduction

-How a reproductive law attorney can help intended parents (fertility patients who have chosen to use a gestational carrier) with protecting their parental rights and getting their names on their child’s birth certificate

If you are considering consulting with a reproductive law attorney, call Jennifer Tharrington at (919) 783-9669 for more information.