BMI and fertility

BMI has a significant impact on a woman’s ability to conceive. To maximize your chances of conception and live birth, it is in your best interest all around to lower your Body Mass Index (BMI) before investing in fertility treatments.  Women with a BMI of 27+ are three times more likely than leaner peers to experience difficulties with ovulation. A BMI of 30 -35 reduces the chances of a live birth by 37%. This rate rises to 61% if BMI is 35-39.9. If you don’t know your BMI, you can google “BMI calculator” to figure it out.

It can be very difficult to begin a weight loss journey. Focus on your ultimate goal of a healthy YOU so your body is prepared for conception. Once you start seeing results, you will want to continue! You can lower your BMI in a number of ways. You can do it on your own nutritionally- try a Mediterranean or low carb/ high protein diet. Add exercise into your routine once your nutrition is off to a good start.

Many of us need help to begin weight loss and to stay motivated. Our office is continually obtaining resources to assist you in reaching your ideal weight prior to beginning fertility treatments. Please keep in mind our BMI guidelines as you work on reaching your weight loss goals. Carolina Conceptions does not provide fertility treatment for BMIs over 40. No IVF or egg recipiency for BMIs 37+, no embryo recipiency for BMIs 35+.

Recommended weight loss resources

Betr Health of Raleigh: (919) 324-0887 “Stop Dieting & Start Healing” with Dr. William Ferro. Great success with PCOS, diabetes, digestion, hypertension and weight loss. A personal, remote, health concierge maps out a customized trial week of the Betr method eating plan paired with all natural supplements to support digestion, metabolism and reduce cravings. Call for trial week.

WellLife Wellness of Chapel Hill:  (919) 423-2005 “Nutritional Education & Results-Driven Weight Loss” with Katy Harris. Katy offers 8 and 12 week programs to help you reach your nutritional goals and works in exercise after you start seeing success with nutrition. Katy was Dr. Couchman’s personal trainer. No supplements or intense workouts.

Total Healthcare MD of Cary: (919) 436-3777 “Physician Supervised Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic” covered by insurance. Customized lifestyle modification programs focused on healthy eating and more. First visit is free.

REX Bariatric Surgery of Raleigh: (919) 784-7874 Surgical weight loss options with educational resources before and after surgery including private counseling and group support, along with healthy cooking demonstrations.