Understanding emotional impact of infertility

Multiple studies have found the emotional impact of infertility on a person’s life to contain distress levels similar to those found in cancer patients. Don’t suffer in silence.

Treating the emotional aspects of infertility actually improves pregnancy and birth rates! We know you are going through a lot and are happy to recommend therapies to help you reduce stress, implement positive coping strategies, shift negative thinking patterns, and lessen the feelings of isolation infertility can create.

It’s important to remember the negative emotional impact infertility may create is NOT permanent. Even though it may not feel like it now, infertility is only a chapter in your life (hopefully a brief one!), that will one day be behind you.

Infertility can be a difficult journey for many patients. We have compiled the  following is a list of resources that may prove helpful in reducing the stress:


Learn what to expect from acupuncture in this video with Dr. Bill Meyer and Katherine Rowe. The video has well over 185K views. Definitely a treatment worth exploring! Acupuncture sessions can be timed with your cycle to ease stress and help the body prepare for a healthy conception while undergoing fertility treatments.


Did you know there are women who specialize in nurturing a woman’s body and soul for conception and pregnancy via “Certified Nurturing the Mother ® Fertility, Prenatal & PostpartuKm Massage”? Here are a few local resources to consider:


Practice mindfulness

Explore the Mind Body Connection Learning to shift negative thought patterns to more positive and hopeful ones has been shown to be an effective tool in both reducing the stress and depression associated with infertility as well as increasing one’s physical health.

There are many medical and psychological examples of the power of the mind body connection – the self-fulfilling prophecy, the impact of expectancy on outcome, the placebo effect, even the power of prayer – are all manifestations of this powerful relationship. Check out Alice Domar’s book, Conquering Infertility, (yes, older now- but still an excellent introduction to this concept).


Yoga is a soothing way to relax your body.

Guided Imagery/Guided Meditation

Guided imagery or guided meditation may be something you’d like to consider.


As many as 40% of women struggling with infertility also experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both. Don’t suffer in silence. Treating the emotional aspects of infertility can aid your mind, body and spirit (along with pregnancy success rates).

Fertility counseling & support groups

Benefits to fertility counseling

Complicating the emotional impact of infertility on a person is that typically, infertility is experienced by a couple. Partners are often not in the same places emotionally with their reactions to the diagnoses, treatments options and outcomes. Often, the woman is ready for the next step before the man is; although this dynamic may also be reversed. Additionally, the emotional reaction to infertility for men and women is quite different. One study of IVF patients found that 48% of women reported infertility was most upsetting experience of their lives while only 15% of men felt this way. With such differing perspectives and reactions, certainly the couple may experience strain on their relationship as they attempt to cope individually and together.

At times, it can feel like your biological clock is “unwinding” your personal life. It may benefit you and your partner to talk with a therapist who specializes in sexual issues, including infertility. Call clinical psychologist, Dr. Sara Rosenquist for an appointment in Cary or Chapel Hill at 919-872-4648, or visit Dr. Sara’s website for more information.

Individual therapy can also be very helpful for patients to vent, learn new coping skills and focus on positivity. Along with great joy, sometimes pregnancy after infertility can intensify feelings of anxiety for the well-being of the little one you’ve been trying so hard for.

Here is a list of excellent therapists to consider:

Reproductive Law Attorneys

A recommended list of reproductive law attorneys who often work with Carolina Conceptions patients, especially for third-party fertility.

We have had a wonderful experience with CC! They are such a kind and supportive team. We have 2 very healthy children due to their help. They made the process of getting pregnant very seamless. They are very responsive as well and treat you like you are the only one in their office, which is wonderful! Should we choose to have another child, they will be our only choice.

– D.T. from Raleigh, NC