For patients who use a third party to build their family, Carolina Conceptions recommends you to consider legal counsel with an attorney who specializes in reproductive family law in North Carolina. This mainly applies to patients using donor sperm/donor eggs, a gestational carrier, or LGBTQ+ patients with questions about how to establish legal parentage for their future child.

The following attorneys often work with Carolina Conceptions patients:


Jennifer Tharrington, Esq (919) 525-2854

Village Law Group (preferred)


E. Parker Herring, Esq (919) 821-1860

Parker Herring Law Group, PLLC

Every fertility journey needs a first step.

At Carolina Conceptions Fertility Clinic, our team will be there for EVERY step on your way to building your family. Our expert reproductive team of fertility doctors, nurse practitioner and staff are compassionate, personable and dedicated to your success. We offer comprehensive fertility testing, the most advanced infertility treatments like IVF, PGT, INVOcell and surgery, and inclusive fertility services for LGBTQ+ family building, egg donation and in-house egg donor database, sperm donation and a gestational carrier surrogacy program.


Clinic Locations

CENTRAL: RALEIGH (main location, IVF lab)

NORTH: RALEIGH (satellite fertility clinic)

EAST: WILMINGTON (satellite fertility clinic)


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