Congratulations! We are thrilled for your happy news.

Here are a few tips regarding what happens next:

  • After your blood test has confirmed pregnancy, we will monitor your hormone levels and do your first ultrasound approximately two weeks later to ensure all is well.
  • We will continue to monitor your pregnancy until the 8th week of gestation, which is typically a month after your pregnancy test results are received and a healthy heartbeat can be detected on your ultrasound. After that, we will transfer you back to your OB/GYN physician for obstetrical care. If you are new to the area or considering a physician change, we would be happy to recommend an OB/GYN practice near your home.
  • Some women who are pregnant after infertility feel quite emotional about the experience they have gone through. This is normal and should begin to fade as your pregnancy continues to progress. If you need additional resources to help you through this time, please consider the ideas noted in our blog article “Pregnant After Infertility,” and follow us on social media for additional support. The RESOLVE website also has some excellent options you may wish to consider.