early miscarriage

Miscarriage & Finding the Courage to Try Again

It’s been estimated that about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. While the miscarriage of a wanted pregnancy is never easy to cope with, it can feel like a double whammy if you have also experienced infertility. You’ve likely invested...

Pregnancy After Infertility

Mandi Brown, Physician Liaison @ Carolina Conceptions A couple of months ago, I stumbled across an article from Redbook and shared it on social media for Carolina Conceptions. The article was about pregnancy after infertility and was the most viewed post ever on our...

Dr. Bill Meyer Discusses Recurrent Miscarriage

In Carolina Conceptions’ latest video, Dr. Bill Meyer explains why miscarriage rates increase with maternal age, and provides couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriage some insight into other factors that could be contributing to repeated loss.