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Other Medications Often Used with Patients:  

  • Lupron: Leuprolide acetate is an injectable medication that results in “quieting down” your ovary. Lupron causes the ovary to become hormonally inactive as reflected in low estrogen levels and no ovarian cysts via ultrasound. Lupron prevents premature ovulation in IVF cycles.
  • Ganirelix/Cetrotide: These come in a prefilled syringe. They are injectable medications that prevent the ovary from premature ovulation. Unlike Lupron, it is usually started once your ovaries have begun to form follicles and produce estrogen. They may cause more local skin irritation than your other injectable medications.
  • Estrogen: Estrogen is usually given to FET (frozen embryo transfer) patients or to donor recipients to build up the endometrial lining. It can be given as pills (Estrace) orally or vaginally, or as patches (Vivelle).
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