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If conception is still not happening for you with traditional fertility treatments, there are many things we can do at Carolina Conceptions to help you build your family.

Using An Egg Donor

Many women experiencing premature or impending ovarian failure and are unable to conceive without the help of an egg donor. Carolina Conceptions has a number of anonymous donors patients can choose from based on various criteria from ethnicity to education level.

Using A Sperm Donor

A number of couples choose to grow their family with the help of a sperm donor. Carolina Conceptions works with a number of reputable sperm banks who provide unknown/anonymous sperm donors, or can assist you with a fertility cycle using your own known sperm donor.  

Using A Gestational Carrier

Sometimes a woman will have viable eggs to fertilize, but cannot carry a pregnancy due to medical complications. Same sex couples may also require the use of a gestational carrier to achieve the goal of having a biological family.

A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for someone else’s embryo. The carrier is not biologically or genetically related to the child she agrees to carry. She provides her uterus for the fetus to grow, and after she delivers, the baby belongs to the biological or intended parents.

Using Donor Embryos

Our hope is that you and your partner get pregnant during your first cycle of treatment at Carolina Conceptions. However, many couples come back time and again for multiple rounds of IUI and even IVF. Sadly, some of these couples still do not find success, or may experience miscarriage. At some point, these patients often consider giving up on infertility treatments and begin to consider adoption. If you or someone you know is among this group, don’t give up!

There is one more option you may not have considered, Embryo Recipiency (often known as Embryo “Adoption”). This process is considerably less expensive and less complicated than traditional adoption, and can be an ideal option for couples by providing them with one last opportunity to experience the pregnancy and childbirth stages of parenthood.

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