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If you are interested in our gestational carrier program, please consult the checklist below that will help you be prepared for your first visit with one of our physicians:

  • Primary Care Physician Evaluation – intended parents should both have a visit with their primary care specialist to screen for hypertension, heart disease and general medical risks.  Routine health screening assessments, such as a mammogram and Pap smear, should be performed with your primary care physician and the medical records sent to Carolina Conceptions for your appointment.
  • Psychological Evaluation – all intended parents and gestational carriers must undergo psychological evaluation prior to starting a cycle.  This is to ensure that all parties involved are emotionally stable, and recognize that the carrier has no “claim” to a baby born as a result of the treatment cycle.
  • Gestational Carrier Screening – the carrier must be seen for a history and physical exam.  Records from previous pregnancies, deliveries, and any OB/GYN treatments are required.  The carrier is also required to complete an application which includes  a medical history form.  The gestational carrier will undergo a sonohysterogram, along with a mock transfer and a HSG, if indicated. She must also have a current pap smear and mammogram/breast exam report.
  • Infectious disease screening – all parties involved in the gestational carrier cycle, including the intended parents, gestational carrier, and the partner of the prospective carrier must go through infectious disease screening.  The intended parents must also complete a medical history questionnaire and undergo a physical exam by their primary care doctor or a physician at Carolina Conceptions.
  • Legal Consultation – a legal consultation for advice on the current legal status of Gestational Carrier is required for every intended parent.  In this consultation, we recommend that you discuss the protections and responsibilities that you and the carrier have under North Carolina law.  We must have a copy of a signed contract between the intended parents and the gestational carrier and husband (if applicable) before treatment can begin.  We recommend some local attorneys who specialize in family law:  E. Parker Herring, Esq (919) 821-1860 and Jennifer Tharrington, Esq (919) 525-2854.
  • Insurance for Gestational Carrier – if you are using a private carrier you are required to arrange for medical insurance for her cycle and pregnancy.

For further questions, please contact Carolina Conceptions today to learn more about our gestational carrier program.

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