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How Can an IUI Increase Our Chances for Conception?

Pregnancy rates are higher with IUI than with sexual intercourse. This may be due to the result of improved timing with your partner’s ovulation, sperm washing (a technique that identifies healthy sperm cells, extracts dead or slow moving sperm, and removes chemicals from the seminal fluid that may hinder fertilization), or optimal placement of the sperm near the fallopian tube (containing the recently ovulated egg) to encourage the fertilization process.

How should I prepare for my part of the IUI?

A common misconception among men is to “store up” for several weeks or days to produce a “super specimen” for the IUI. Don’t.If ejaculation does not occur on a regular basis, the quality of the specimen likely will deteriorate.

We recommend you have intercourse the night your partner takes her HCG to trigger ovulation. If, you have decided to undergo two inseminations, it is best to refrain from ejaculation on this day, and instead, do the inseminations approximately 12 and 36 hours after HCG is taken. In the case of a single IUI see timing instructions below:

  • If you live near our office, feel free to collect your specimen at home in one of the sterile containers we provide. If your partner brings in your specimen, please provide a note signed by you stating that this is your specimen and you are aware it is to be used for insemination. This is for your protection.
  • If you live over 30 minutes away, we encourage you to use one of our collection rooms. These are private and away from the main activities of the clinic.


  • In the event you are traveling at the time of your partner’s ovulation, sperm can be frozen ahead of time and thawed for an insemination while you are away.


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