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There are two options we can offer for same-sex female couples or single women who wish to become parents.  Both options will require the use of donor sperm. You can choose to use an anonymous donor from a sperm bank, or use a known donor of your choice.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI, aka artificial insemination, donor insemination) involves the injection of washed sperm directly into the uterus on the day of ovulation.  The timing of ovulation can be controlled through the use of fertility medications, and sometimes donor sperm insemination is performed after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the fertilization of eggs in a Petri dish to form embryos.  After the created embryos have developed for 5 days, they will be transferred into the uterus to establish a pregnancy.  We transfer the best embryo and freeze the remaining embryos of good quality.

Reciprocal IVF One increasingly popular version of IVF for same sex female partners is reciprocal IVF, sometimes called co-IVF, co-maternity, or reception of oocytes (eggs) from partner (ROPA).  For reciprocal IVF, one partner provides the eggs and the other partner carries the pregnancy in her uterus.  This option is an attractive option because it allows both women to be physically involved in the pregnancy.  Invocell is another great way to accomplish reciprocal IVF.  This adds the opportunity for BOTH partners to carry the embryos and therefore carry the pregnancy.  For example, the woman who undergoes the egg retrieval, can carry the embryos in the invocell for the 5 days the embryos are growing before an embryo is transferred to the other partner’s uterus.

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