Approximately 30% of men who seek fertility assistance will have an abnormal semen analysis .  Most abnormalities deal with low concentration (oligospermia), low motility (asthenospermia), or low morphology (teratospermia).  A semen analysis can be done in our andrology lab on most days of the month.  We offer testing on weekdays and two weekends out of the month and provide results on the same day.   

Due to COVID-19, we are now requesting that all semen samples be collected at home instead of our office. Please call to get information on how to obtain a collection kit and schedule an appointment. Collecting at home will not affect the test results as long as we receive the sample within 1 hour.  For those who are unable to drop off a sample within 1 hour, we can use a home collection kit from Reprosource who can perform the analysis and forward us the results. 

An evaluation by a male fertility specialist, such as Dr. Stephen Shaban, is recommended when the semen analysis is abnormal.  Sometimes the sperm quality can be improved with treatment, and it is also important to consider that an abnormal semen analysis can be a sign of other medical problems.  When sperm problems persist, treatment such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI) may be required.


When the Results Are In

Many of our male patients have questions about how to interpret the morphology portion of their semen analysis report. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please don’t hesitate to call us.

After the results are back from all fertility evaluations ordered by your physician, you will meet with your physician again in person or by scheduled phone consultation to review what everything means and  create a treatment plan together.

Sometimes a couple tests “normal” for their fertility evaluations, yet still experiences difficulty conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. When this is the case, we look for more answers from: