Fertility evaluations


Infertility affects men and women equally, with about one-third of cases attributed to male factors and about one-third to female factors. The remaining one-third of infertile couples experience a combination of circumstances from both partners. In approximately 20% of couples, no specific cause can be found to explain their infertility.

After you have a conversation with one of our reproductive endocrinologists, a combination of fertility evaluations will be ordered ranging from labs to x-rays to help us understand your body and what may be preventing conception.


Fertility Testing for Women

Fertility testing for women includes female reproductive tests such as ovarian reserve, HSG, and endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA).

Fertility Testing for Men

Fertility testing for men includes a semen analysis to test for issues with the sperm’s concentration, motility (movement), or morphology (shape).

After MANY years and many doctors, we were referred to Carolina Conceptions. Less than 6 months and that includes everything from initial contact, testing, coming up with a game plan and 2 IUIs, we became pregnant! I don’t think words can justify my feelings for CC….we NEVER thought this would work after crickets for 16 years.

– E & C from Raleigh, NC