Frequency & Timing of Intercourse

Before you invest in expensive ovulation kits or a conversation with one of our reproductive endocrinologists, consider how you have been timing intercourse in hopes of conception. Sometimes this is all a couple needs to finally see the positive pregnancy test result they’ve been hoping for.

In order to achieve pregnancy, our physicians recommend sexual intercourse every other day during a woman’s mid cycle- on days 12, 14 and 16 (remember “Day 1” is considered the first day of your period). If you know you’ve been timing this correctly or have been having unprotected intercourse for 6 months and are age 35+, or have been having unprotected intercourse for a year and are younger than age 35, let’s have a conversation to start figuring out why pregnancy has not yet occurred. There are so many options we can offer to help you build the family you have been dreaming of.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Fertility

If you are younger than 35, it is possible to improve your fertility with positive lifestyle changes to:

If you are over age 35 and struggling to get pregnant, let’s have a conversation about how to help you reach your goal of a family sooner.  The more time you can give yourself with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, the better your chances will be of having a family.

We always knew we wanted to be parents so hearing that we would not be able to conceive naturally was very hard on us. We were directed to Carolina Conceptions and were lucky enough to have success with our first IVF treatment! We are so lucky and we appreciate Carolina Conceptions every day. Our heart and home is filled with baby giggles and squeals. We will look forward to visiting them again when we attempt to give our daughter a sibling!

– K.K. from Raleigh, NC