What is an egg donor?

An egg donor is a woman who donates her eggs to a couple or individual experiencing infertility and desiring pregnancy. Egg donors can be anonymous or known to the patient(s) in need of eggs. Most women who research egg donation are originally lured by the compensation offered, but ultimately those who opt to complete the screening process and go through a stimulation cycle do so to help couples or individuals build the family they desire.

Why donate eggs to Carolina Conceptions?

$5,500 compensation per egg retrieval cycle for their time and kindness. Egg donors can complete a maximum of six donor cycles.

As a society, we are waiting longer and longer to pursue parenthood. The media bombards us with photos of celebrities becoming mothers well into their 40s. That makes us feel like there is still plenty of time to put off having children; however, the reality of our bodies is a different story.

Fertility declines sharply at age 35 and continues to decrease with each passing year. By the time a woman reaches 40 her chances of conceiving naturally or via in vitro fertilization (IVF) with her own eggs are compromised. Women at ages 40+ can still get pregnant, but their chances can increase by as much as 70% using donor eggs with IVF .

What are egg donor requirements?

  • 19- 31 years old.
  • Outstanding physical & emotional health.
  • Non-smokers, no recreational drug use.
  • No known genetic disorders.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) of <27.
  • It is preferred that donors have graduated from an institution of higher learning or are currently attending an institution of higher learning.

Proven fertility demonstrated through children, or through a previously successful egg donation cycle is a bonus.


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Did you know?

Women at ages 40+ can still get pregnant, but their chances can increase by as much as 70% using donor eggs with IVF!

Who uses donor eggs?

Typically the woman receiving a donor’s eggs has impending or complete ovarian failure. Ovarian failure is one of the leading causes of infertility and may occur for many reasons. Delayed child-bearing, autoimmune diseases, radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, and surgical removal of the ovaries are all examples of why ovarian failure can occur. For women with ovarian failure, there is little to no chance of achieving pregnancy. Other women have poor egg quality and use a donor for this reason.

Same sex male couples hoping to become parents also look to egg donors to achieve their dream of parenthood.

I’m interested in becoming an egg donor. What’s next?

Complete our Egg Donor Application below. This does not mean you are 100% committed to becoming a donor. It only means you are seriously considering this option and would like more information.

  1. The application links to a page where you will need to register for an account.
  2. Once registered, you will receive an email to complete a prescreener form that requires your login credentials used for registration. This form will have questions to determine initial eligibility.
  3. After submitting the prescreener form, you will receive an email that states whether you’ve been approved or denied.
  4. If approved, you will be asked to complete the full application form.

I just wanted to take a second to thank Dr. Meyer for helping me feel so comfortable during the donor process. I was very nervous about the process and the outcome, but the team made me feel so at ease the whole time and I genuinely appreciate it. I am very hopeful for the recipents and I’m really rooting for them. Some of the best parents I know had to go through IVF and I’m sure that these two people will be no exception. I hope all of their dreams are realized and they have the baby (or babies!) of their dreams!

-An Egg Donor for Carolina Conceptions