Finding fertility specialists who listen turned fertility frustrations into a success story

Nichole had been struggling with infertility for years and never felt she was taken seriously by her doctors in Pennsylvania. When she moved to North Carolina four years ago, the first thing she did was search for a new fertility clinic.

“I started trying at 18 and experienced fertility issues with my first husband, and then when I met my current husband, we knew there might be possible issues as well,” Nichole says. “At the time, they told me it was my former husband’s issue and they wouldn’t even test me. Looking back, I wish I had pushed more for testing and not put the blame on myself.”

How do you choose the right fertility clinic?

Here are eight questions to ask first.

Nichole was determined to make a change. After doing some research and requesting personal recommendations, she found a lot of positive reviews for Carolina Conceptions, which gave her confidence in the clinic.

From her first appointment, she was impressed by their approach. The word that came to mind when describing her experience was personal.

“I am sure they get 50,000 calls, but they made me feel like I was the one person they were caring for,” Nichole recalls. “I always felt like they were building a case for YOU, not just doing what they’ve done before.”

Finally, testing and a diagnosis: unexplained infertility

After years of worry and struggle, Nichole finally found a clinic that would listen and, more importantly, test both her and her husband for potential issues. Those tests ultimately led to a diagnosis: unexplained infertility.

This is when our normal fertility testing and exams do not reveal a definitive problem. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, this is the case with 5% – 10% of couples trying to conceive. Despite this diagnosis, Nichole’s egg quality was good and everything else seemed to be in order.

First addressing her uterine septum, then unexplained infertility

But as part of the testing, our doctors also uncovered a partial uterine septum, a congenital condition in which the uterus is partially divided by a band of tissue called a septum. This can sometimes interfere with the implantation and growth of a fertilized egg, leading to fertility issues.

While it was unclear if that was the cause of her fertility issues, Carolina Conceptions did recommend surgery to remove the septum and repair the uterus.

A rocky, but ultimately successful road to parenthood

Shortly after the surgery, the couple underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) and quickly became pregnant. The joy was not without its scares, as they had gone through a miscarriage just prior to coming to Carolina Conceptions.

“It was a bit like walking on eggshells,” says Nichole. “Every little time I had an issue, I’d call and they’d walk me through it. The clinic was amazing at supporting us every step of the way and making us feel like we were their top priority. When I experienced a bit of bleeding during the process, they were quick to reassure me and make sure I and baby were okay.”

Fortunately, the bleeding turned out not to be a cause of concern and the rest of the pregnancy went smoothly. “Everything ran like clockwork and I didn’t have to question anything.”

The result? A beautiful baby boy … 13 years in the making.

Fortunately, the couple wouldn’t have to wait so long to grow their family in the future. Not only do they have several embryos on “ice” from the cryopreservation process during IVF, they also were able to get pregnant naturally, possibly with the help of the uterine septum surgery. It was a nice surprise for the couple, who had planned to try naturally before going back to Carolina Conceptions.

Jackson Rainey, who was born after parents' unexplained infertility diagnosis, snoozes peacefully | Carolina Conceptions, Raleigh, NC

The gift of hindsight

Through her fertility journey, Nichole learned the importance of being her own advocate and gathering as much knowledge as possible about her fertility issues. She recommends Carolina Conceptions to others, as the providers truly care about their patients and are willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams of having a child.

“It’s so important to be your own advocate and have knowledge about your fertility, as well as listening to your body and making sure you feel comfortable with your doctor. I learned the hard way to never take no for an answer and to always seek out multiple opinions. I am so grateful for the care and support we received at Caroline Conceptions.”

With the right care and support, anything is possible. Take control of your fertility journey by learning more about available treatment options.

Jackson Rainey, born after his parents overcame unexplained infertility, smiles at the camera | Carolina Conceptions, NC